5 Things I’ve Learned from Writing (and Editing) Mental Health Stories

By Katie Bannon Mental health is often branded “taboo” and, for writers of memoir and personal essay, these stories can be our most vulnerable and challenging material. But there’s a reason these types of narratives are so sought after. At their best, they speak to our darkest truths and teach us what it means to […]

5 Things I’ve Learned from Writing (and Editing) Mental Health Stories

The Secret of Life

An older man went to a clinic for his standard clinical examination. At the point when his Circulatory strain was taken, it was 120/80.

The specialist working who was awestruck gotten the outcome and taken a gander at it again and again for around 10 minutes, and said, “Sir, this is mind blowing! You have an amazing BP. Does it mean you go through no pressure by any stretch of the imagination? What’s the mystery?”

The man grinned and said, “this has been your associates’ inquiry extra time. I have consistently let them know that it was a gift from God, which is right in real sense. In any case, let me let you know what has been compelling that gift work.

I can hardly hold on to realize the mystery, the specialist contributed.

“At the point when I was youthful, my dad instructed me that to defeat negative S, I should embrace two positive S.

The specialist who was anxious to realize those S hindered him once more. What are the negative and positive S, Sir?

“The negative S incorporates: stress, ailment, distress, enduring, and so forth. My father said, in the event that I could oversee pressure, I will not have a lot of wellbeing challenge. I later found he was coming clean with me as I embraced his two positive S. The man stopped.

I trust no issue, Sir? The specialist inquired.

“Forget about it, specialist. I recollected my brilliant father of a favored memory. He was an extraordinary man, specialist.

“The positive S incorporates: Smile and Quiet. Grin can take care of issue and Quiet can keep away from problems. To accomplish this, you should:

“Select the perfect individuals to go with you in your excursion of life consistently and make your life sweeter.

“On divinity, pick the All-powerful God. From there on, assuming that you neglect to accomplish your fantasies, have an impact on your methodologies, not your God. The trees change their leaves and not their roots.

“Quit looking Sideways when you are sincerely occupied. You won’t ever arrive at your objective assuming you pause and toss stones at each canine that barks.

“Colloquialisms of individuals shouldn’t stir you up. In any event, when skeptics see you strolling on water they will say this is on the grounds that you can’t swim. Assuming you like, dance on the water, they will blame you for raising dust.

“Begin to carry on with a tranquil life; stay out of other people’s affairs; and work with your own hands.

“Social tidiness rule is, never grapple with a pig. However, both of you will get messy, yet the pig appreciates it.

“In this way, knowing every one of these, I generally Grin and keep Quiet. That is the secret!”

“Goodness! In all my years I have never met a man like you. I need to see a greater amount of you. Presently I realize that more noteworthy examples are learnt outside the study hall, the specialist finished up.
Do have an extraordinary excursion in life brimming with harmony, concordance and love always
Furthermore, recall Grin and Silence

What To Do To Live Longer

“I need to live work 150” The elderly person shared the manner in which she delayed her life.
The old woman Sefi Oyeyemi was brought into the world in 1893, she defeated the unrest, 2 Universal Conflicts, the changes and new changes. In our public record, she was regarded as the most seasoned individual in Nigeria, on 4 May she will be 123 years of age.

Ms Sefi Oyeyemi has outperformed individuals of her experience as well as their kids.

She frequently endeavors clinical exams. Consistently, the specialists say the main thing: absolutely sound, she might make a trip to the moon tomorrow with next to no issues.

Regardless of her long life, Ms Oyeyemi seldom leaves her town and she generally won’t move to the town with her kids. They believe that she is somewhat old. However, age doesn’t make any difference a ton.

Ms Oyeyemi lives in a little house with the group of her most youthful kid. She deals with the family without anyone else. She has her own nursery and raises domesticated animals and poultry as cows, pigs and hens. She has sufficient solidarity to deal with everything.

We’ve come to her home to request a meeting and see as our her greatest mystery – how to reside long with practically no illnesses. After she invited us and treated with hand crafted pies, we saw that she had a great deal of activities. We would have rather not annoyed her all the more so we went directly to the motivation behind why we came here.

  • Ms Oyeyemi, you have carried on with an extremely lengthy life. The longest one of all time. Do you have any insider facts?

I’ve said ordinarily to those, who asked ( the journalists visits her much of the time). It’s all on account of the perfect veins. That was what Mr. Deen instructed me. Mr. Deen was a doctor living in our town. Individuals from our town as well as from different towns came to him for treatment. He was called to the military to fix the officers and he didn’t return. We were neighbors around then.

Each night we assembled to talk. He generally did some explores on various strategies and approaches to treating different sicknesses. My sister was alive around then. She generally disapproved of her wellbeing. Our folks relieved her vessels and she became sound. From that time, we began to focus harder on veins. Our folks died at 87 years old. My sister likewise carried on with a long life, yet all the same not insofar as mine. She died at 95 years old. I additionally advise my kids to deal with their veins.

Also, the mystery of long life is the veins, detoxing them regularly is fundamental. Yet, that’s what no one does, so no one lives in length. Particularly retired people in the town. They like to have medications imagining that prescriptions would help them. At the point when I visited my nephew I was fairly astonished. At 60 years old, he has a lot of illnesses. That is the way prescriptions work. They are substance. Assuming everybody has dealt with their vessels, every one of them would have been solid.

Ms. Oyeyemi, on the off chance that somebody with feeble wellbeing purifies their vessels, could they live longer?

Obviously! See. The blood runs inside the vessels and gives sustenance to every one of the organs. The more sustenance is consumed, the better the organs are. Individuals conditions rely upon the vessel conditions. Yet, the vessels progressively get filthy with time as the vessels additionally have soil and the things that were not consumed which harm the vessels. Thus, the vessels get grimy as the water tubes. Blood won’t come to the organs and the result is that the organs would have issues. Kidneys, stomach, liver or the bladder – every one of them would be impacted on the off chance that the blood flow is poor. Indeed, even the head. Simply envision, on the off chance that I don’t take care of the cows, they would become ill immediately!

Assuming you further develop the blood dissemination, the organs will resuscitate. Individuals probably won’t live as long as me, yet longer without a doubt. 3,5 years more or perhaps 10 years. At the point when there was no medication, everybody would fix along these lines and be sound.

Goodness, I recollect a certain something. There was a lady from Kenema that enlightened me concerning that. Her significant other experienced such a lot of hypertension. He even had a few starting side effects of cardiovascular sicknesses. The specialist said that he wouldn’t live lengthy, they could look for the burial ground. She likewise requested that me the way treat, perhaps I’d have had a few stunts. Also, I encouraged them to purify the veins. I don’t have a clue about some other mysteries. That happened quite a while back her significant other still lives well and doesn’t have hypertension any longer. All the family has purified the vessels. What’s more, I got the congrats on the birthday. There are a great deal of such stories.

The journalists frequently get some information about this and I generally express things as they are. However, it’s obviously that no one paid attention to me. Assuming you scrub the vessels, you would live longer and better! It is an exercise in futility to live longer however with illnesses.

The tainting of veins is the explanation of 93% different sicknesses: from gastrointestinal illnesses to unfortunate visual perception.
How might we purge the veins? Could you at any point impart the key to our perusers please?

  • I used to do it with the assistance of spices. At the point when I was more grounded, I went to the wood and field on the specific season, dried picked and dried spices then, at that point, ready for recuperating. I scrub the vessels 2 times each year. There is compelling reason need to do it more regular, the vessels don’t get grimy so quick. Yet, presently I don’t pick the spices without help from anyone else any longer. You really want to go to the woodland with flawless timing, however I have more things to deal with.

I have quit doing it for a long time. My granddaughter lives in Germany. She sends me the receipt via mail. I purify the veins that way. Adama, the young lady from the post, consistently carries it to my home. This medication is superior to the spice. I don’t have the solidarity to pick spices any longer. I’m solid yet I’m old. You can delay the maturing system yet you can not stop it.

What is the name of that item?

I don’t recall. I can review that the case is white and red. In any case, I’ve discarded it. You can request the name from my granddaughter. I’ll give you the number. She lives in Germany so you might need to pay lots of cash…

Ms Oyeyemi had been looking for something in the space for quite a while. Then, at that point, she brought an old piece of paper – she actually keeps the telephone number rundown along these lines.

We called our granddaughter. She is a specialist, she lives in Europe and she sent granny an item safeguarding heart and veins ordinarily. Yet, the fact is that it was anything but an item created abroad, on the inverse, it was delivered here. Its name is Cardioton.

We couldn’t resist the opportunity to get some information about the adequacy of this item and why it has the impacts additionally how the sanitizing of veins influences to individuals of the annuity age and more youthful.

Tenneh Oyeyemi replied from Germany
-Purging veins is fundamental for the individuals who need to live lengthy without illnesses. Individuals with heart illnesses, particularly hypertension, ought to purge the blood. Purging the vessels from cholesterol is the principal key to recuperate hypertension.

Likewise, filtering veins is recommended for different sicknesses which are not connected with heart framework. For instance, with liver or kidney illnesses, specialists as a rule prescribe to purify the veins. This treatment normally assists with working on the adequacy of the recuperating system.

Cardioton are created in our country, they have a worldwide endorsement. They shield heart and veins from overabundance cholesterol, standardize pulse and lessen the dangers of a coronary episode and stroke.

The principal fixing is magnesium. It purifies veins and decreases the dangers of thickening. Notwithstanding magnesium, the item additionally contains two additional significant fixings.


Reinforces veins, keeps up with appropriate cholesterol level


Gives you more energy, expands endurance and assists with shedding pounds

furthermore, numerous different components

So where could we at any point track down Cardioton then, at that point?

The main thing I really want to illuminate that as I far as I probably am aware, this year, Foundation of Medication didn’t give the vital sum to proceed with the program of last years when the item was circulated. In this way, right now, they are circulating the load of the year before. Every individual who needs to scrub their vessels with this item, I encourage you to join the game the earliest awesome.

Right now, a survey is being finished among the ones who use Cardioton The producer demands the people who get the item to go through a survey to answer whether the item has assisted them with working on their wellbeing and how. The quantity of members is just about 5000.

The outcome is:

Circulatory strain is adjusted positively (not any more hypertension) – 98%
Standardized heartbeat – 97% members
No more migraine – almost 100% members
Further develop vision – 74% members
Help to treat for persistent sicknesses – 92% members.
Work on by and large wellbeing – close to 100% members

Walk Daily

▪️Both the legs together have half of the nerves of the human body, half of the veins and half of the blood is moving through them.
▪️The biggest circulatory organization associates the body.
So Walk daily.

▪️Just when the feet are sound then the show current of blood streams, easily, so individuals who have solid leg muscles will have serious areas of strength for a. Walk.

▪️Maturing begins from the feet upwards
▪️As an individual progresses in years, the exactness and speed of transmission of directions between the cerebrum and the legs diminishes, dissimilar to when an individual is youthful.
Satisfy Walk

▪️Also, the supposed Bone Manure Calcium will sometime be lost with the progression of time, making the old more inclined to bone cracks. WALK.

▪️Bone breaks in the older can undoubtedly set off a progression of difficulties, particularly lethal sicknesses like mind apoplexy.

▪️Do you have at least some idea that 15% of old patients by and large, will kick the bucket greatest in no less than an extended period of at thigh-bone crack !! Walk day to day without fail

▪️ Practicing the legs, is never past the point of no return, even after the age of 60 years.

▪️Despite the fact that our feet/legs will progressively mature with time, practicing our feet/legs is a deep rooted task.
Walk 10,000 steps

▪️Simply by normal fortifying the legs, one can forestall or lessen further maturing. Walk 365 days

▪️ Please walk for somewhere around 30-40 minutes day to day to guarantee that your legs get adequate activity and to guarantee that your leg muscles stay solid.

You ought to impart this significant data to all your 40+years” companions and relatives, as everybody is maturing consistently.



Middle age is as a rule somewhere in the range of 45 and 65 years, yet my consideration today are men in their 50s. Over the most recent two months, I know a modest bunch of individuals in their 50s who have kicked the bucket because of stroke, disease, cardiovascular breakdown and other unexpected problems. I don’t know whether my cognizance of these passings is because of the way that I am in my 50s, or more individuals in their 50s are biting the dust nowadays. I don’t worry about death since it is unchangeable as far as I might be concerned, however I accept that you shouldn’t advise demise to hurry its moves toward you with your way of life and decisions.

Certain individuals are likewise biting the dust because of their trouble or failure in managing the difficulties our “VUCA” (unstable, unsure, perplexing and equivocal) climate tosses at them. Last week a rundown of “THE Likely Enemy OF MAN” moved on the virtual entertainment. The essayist recorded:

  1. Youngsters’ school charges
  2. House rents
  3. Power bills
  4. Doctor’s visit expenses
  5. Generator fuel and fixes
  6. Vehicle fuel and fixes
  7. Taking care of family
  8. Garments for youngsters
  9. Sallah or Christmas and New Year bills
  10. Furniture and house support
  11. Parents in law wahala/requests
  12. Matured guardians costs
  13. Kin’s bills
  14. Spouse’s requests
  15. Vigilante bills
  16. Raising of building
  17. Strict requests
  18. Family social bills
  19. Hardware bills
  20. Re-energize cards/Web
  21. More distant family individuals’ bills and local area requests.
    He added: “on top of the abovementioned, he additionally faces: spouse’s pressure, manager’s pressure working, police weight on the way, region young men’s pressure, anxiety toward criminals, companions’ pressure, financial pressure, apprehension about employment misfortune, joblessness torments, equipped burglary stress, kids’ trouble making, neighbors’ pressure, bank credit installment stress, foes stress, satanic assault pressure and sex pressure.”

There are a portion of my peers who stress over for all intents and purposes each thing on the rundown and, surprisingly, more. Assuming you are one of such, realize you are digging an early grave. In these difficult times, figure out how to oversee difficulties imaginatively.

  1. Schools recently continued, in the event that you don’t have the cash to pay your kids’ school expenses, converse with the school specialists to give you time. That is assuming your test is income. Yet, in the event that you have a test of decreased pay, blossoming costs against stale pay or loss of wellspring of job, pull out your kids and put them in more affordable schools. Somebody I know recently did and decreased his weight by N1.2m per annum.
  2. There ought to be nothing similar to “companions’ pressure.” Characterize each relationship with regards to resources and liabilities. I’m not discussing resources and liabilities in money related or material terms. A companion you are supporting monetarily isn’t a responsibility for however long you are doing it enthusiastically and he isn’t exploiting you. Anything that increases the value of your life is a resource; whatever decreases your mankind is a risk. Be exceptionally merciless in removing individuals and things that that reduce you.
  3. There is a word everyone in his 50s ought to be know about. It is classified “discard.” In regular use, it signifies “to dispose of a person or thing that isn’t needed or required.” Yet it implies more than that in protection: “The deliberate tossing over the edge of part of the freight or a piece of the boat to save the boat or its freight.” In protection, cast off involves life and demise and each man in his 50s ought to comprehend and apply the word to his life in the protection setting. Assuming that you are in your 50s, you ought to have the option to discard 80% of the things above and deal with the excess 20% such that they don’t drain the life out of you.
  4. At the point when you are in your 50s, you need to figure out how to take great consideration of yourself. Partake in your life. Assuming God has favored you and you can manage the cost of it, take yearly get-aways. Try not to hold on until you are truly excessively frail to investigate the world prior to taking excursions. On the off chance that you can’t manage the cost of excursions, find companions as frequently as possible. Consistent taking of Natural products or vegetables and a plate of pepper-soup on occasion won’t dig openings in your pocket, nor jeopardize your wellbeing. Be serious and centered, however don’t make too much of life
  5. I have consistently kept up with that in your 50s, there are no actual muscles to be fabricated any longer. Each exercise ought to be moderate, for the most part to stay in shape, guarantee great dissemination of blood around the body and blood stream to the heart, obviously, not failing to remember your somewhat youthful spouse who actually needs you to be up and doing.
  6. In your 50s, you ought to realize that food isn’t simply intended to sustain the body, yet in addition restorative. At this point you ought to know your condition of wellbeing and the right food to take. At the point when I began consuming medications to deal with my circulatory strain quite a while back, my PCPs added headache medicine as a blood more slender. I can’t recollect the last time I accepted headache medicine as a blood more slender. Presently onion is my blood more slender. Past being a blood more slender, onions likewise help to bring down cholesterol and battle disease. For each sickness you have or liable to have, there are normal cures in the food and natural products we eat. They are either substitutes to traditional medications or enhancements. Everyone in his 50s has an obligation to himself to be know all about them.
  7. Everyone in his 50s ought to have set up an arrangement for his retirement. Certain individuals in their 50s began planning for their retirement the second they began working and are ready for retirement. Some began later, however are a lot of on target. However, many individuals in their 50s have no retirement plan. Assuming you are in the last gathering, you should start to get ready for retirement. I concur that na when you get up be your morning, however at this stage there is next to no space for mistakes and there’s no time to spare. In the event that you actually don’t have the foggiest idea how to plan, then, at that point, learn it exceptionally quick. We will take a gander at choices accessible to in this manner individuals in their 50s.

I don’t have confidence in retirement arranging that is others-based, for example, preparing your kids and trusting that they will deal with you in your retirement/advanced age. I have done my little examination and I figured out that guardians are in many cases not the needs of kids. Guardians have a place with the past, youngsters anticipate what’s in store. There are many individuals who are taking awesome consideration of their folks in advanced age, addressing every one of their necessities, yet I actually put it to you that guardians are normally not highest points of their kids’ need list when they grow up. There is nothing out of sorts in your kids dealing with you in advanced age. The Heavenly books even charges them to, however consider the possibility that they don’t or miss the mark on monetary limit. Groundwork for retirement ought to be self-based.

8 Individuals in their 50s should recollect that God made life straightforward. People confounded it. One of the key to a cheerful and satisfied life is straightforwardness. You have just a single life, keep it straightforward.

Vanity Upon Vanity


Nourishment FOR THOUGHT

At the burial service of late Sovereign Elizabeth, towards the finish of the help, I was moved by the Ecclesiastical overseer’s final words before the body was taken to the grave for entombment. He said: Now let us eliminate all images of force from the final resting place, with the goal that our sister, Elizabeth can be focused on the grave as a basic Christian.
What’s more, Right away, the staff of office was taken out, then the staff additionally eliminated , the crown followed and any remaining assets were taken out. The Sovereign was covered with NOTHING. Notice that the Diocese supervisor did exclude Queen to her name right now as well.
This goes to reconfirm that life is to be sure vanity. It is transient, and that shows us lowliness. Modesty in influence, lowliness in relating with others, modesty in our obtaining of riches, and lowliness in the entirety of our undertakings, in light of the fact that eventually, we will all return with totally NOTHING.


Secret OF DNA

DNA : which represents deoxyribonucleic corrosive , is characterize as nucleic corrosive that contain the hereditary code.

On the off chance that you engage in sexual relations with a man, his DNA lives in you until the end of time.

Worker noticed that an examination by college of Seattle USA has demonstrated that;
There is currently a more prominent comprehension of why God asks us not to engage in sexual relations before we get hitched.

This examination demonstrates that any man, that a lady engages in sexual relations with leaves a piece of his DNA in the woman.

The one who has had more SEX with her, leaves a greater amount of his DNA in the lady. So when a lady ovulates, the eggs that she creates contain a greater amount of different DNAs.

So we really want to instruct the young lady kid to stay a virgin till marriage.

Whenever you have intercourse with another man you become one with that man (profoundly as well) and convey the man’s DNA and as indicated by Laborer this is called SEX Web particularly when the lady has numerous SEX partners.

Sooner or later when you have such a large number of the male DNA in you; you change, on the grounds that your cells are evolving.

That likewise demonstrates why when hitched couples live respectively for quite a while they wind up seeming similar the same. The lady’s DNA changes when she has intercourse with men. This is intense.

The world ought to know this and stop senseless SEX promotions.

It is awful than great.
Tragically ladies are the people in question.

This was figured out in numerous other examination articles generally delivered for this present year. So it is new and we as a whole need to be aware.

The reality is,women hold DNA from each man they have dozed with.

Cells moved from a man to a lady during intercourse become coordinated into the lady’s body after SEX, each and every time they have intercourse.

This study tracked down the presence of hereditarily particular male cells in the mind of women. This likewise implies these other male cells will be found in a baby when the lady gets pregnant.

(This is called microchimerism.)

Each male you ingest sperm from turns into a living piece of your life. Sperm is a living substance. Living cells. It enters your circulatory system and gathers in your mind and spine.

Quit trying different things with SEX.

At the point when the sperm enters a lady it swims until it reaches a stopping point and afterward saturates your tissue.

Assuming that it’s in your mouth, (plague) it can get into your nasal regions, behind your eyes and, surprisingly, your inward ear. It then, at that point, enters your circulatory system and gathers in your cerebrum and spine. You can never dispose of it.

It turns into a piece of you until the end of time. These are the genuine results of sex.

Laborer Initiative School says this Unique exploration is from College of Seattle and Fred Hutchinson disease research focus.

They coincidentally found this when they were exploring to figure out why pregnant ladies conveying young men get men neurological infections.

This is genuine and not a joke.!!!

Quit having intercourse on the off chance that you are not married.

Also, quit having intercourse with others than your better half, for the wedded.

The results of doing this is devastating,humiliating and horrible

No big surprise the world is the way it is,many relationships never again hold water in peace,truth and love!

Numerous kids from most homes have conduct propensities outsider to the two guardians

Presently you know the conceivable reason

Express no to SEX when not married.

Express no to EXTRA-Conjugal affairs👍



My cash, my home, my vehicle, my kids, my endorsements, my work, my better half, my significant other, my families, my garments, my SHOE…..
My ! My!! My !!! What is this life worth?

A man was educated about the passing regarding his dad, yet he dawdled. At the point when his dad began smelling, their neighbors took his dad to the morgue for preservation.

After seven days, he went to the funeral home to see the carcass of his dad. At the point when he was going to enter the spot, there was a banner put at the entry of the morgue, of which nobody can get away from it. It read:

” WE Resembled YOU Previously, However WE ARE HERE At this point. “

The little fellow read it, however it look bad to him.

He headed inside, checked the carcass of his dad, following a couple of moments, he made his step out.

As he was going to step outside, he saw one more engraving put on an essential area, which nobody will escape. It says:

” YOU WILL Before long BE LIKE US. “

This final word contacted his stone heart and he apologized from that second. From that second, he understood,

All that here on earth resembles a fantasy, a fume. Life itself isn’t genuine, as everything is temporal.

You will before long resemble those that were once Living , Eating , Resting , Strolling , Talking , Snickering here on the planet , yet today ……
They’re NO MORE.

At the point when he got to his dad’s house, there was no one to converse with, his dad left his shoes, garments, cash, bed, vehicles, EVERYTHING.

As he was looking through his dad’s closets, he saw immaculate pristine dollars, all around pressed and organized, however the proprietor of the cash was in the morgue. The young man remembered,

” WE Resembled YOU Previously, Yet YOU WILL Before long Go along with US. ” He cried the more.

You eat chicken with vegetables and fish, turkey, meat , broiled rice, and drink wine today , yet tomorrow, your tissue becomes nourishment for maggots. where will your spirit go to?

You drive a great vehicle today, yet tomorrow, a vehicle drives you.

You live in a manor today, yet tomorrow you live in entombment ground.

You rest in a decent bed today, however tomorrow, you rest inside the Grave !

There is no substitution for your spirit ? It is invaluable, exceptional and particular. The spirit is the genuine you. It lives on after death.

You will lose everything assuming you bite the dust without GOD and without living for Him.

If it’s not too much trouble, ruminate on this, accommodate with your maker, and have a positive shift in perspective, so your living on earth will be to God’s Greatness and toward the finish of your great on the planet, you won’t end in oblivion.


” For sure we have a place with God, and to be sure to Him we will return. “

*You could think you are in right remaining with God accordingly this message is for you not to fall back and totally for the heathens to atone. We should not mislead ourselves. Allow us to draw all the more nearer to God.

In the event that To be sure YOU ARE Astute Kindly DON’T Peer DOWN ON THIS MESSAGE


Be Careful With “One Day”

Be careful With “ONE DAY”

ONE DAY, you will resign from dynamic common help and begin leaving a confidential life.

ONE DAY, someone else will be perched on your seat and be in your situation.

ONE DAY, you will lock your entryway, yet you won’t be the one to open it.

ONE DAY, you will wash that best garments of yours and you can not wear it.

ONE DAY, your #1 food will be ready and you won’t be there to eat it any longer.

ONE DAY, you will eat and drink what you won’t ever discharge.

ONE DAY, your educational plan vitae and every one of your long stretches of involvement won’t make any difference to anybody any longer.

ONE DAY, the individual that appears to adore you most won’t ever try to draw nearer to you.

ONE DAY, you won’t consider what you can ever achieve.

ONE DAY, you will be viewed as “a body”

ONE DAY, you will be separated in a spot called “grave”

ONE DAY, those things and individuals you love most will come your direction however you can not focus on it/them.

ONE DAY, you won’t pause your breathing and ever have the option to deliver it.

ONE DAY, you will end up being a litigant under the steady gaze of The Main Appointed authority (GOD).

ONE DAY, housefly/termites will come your direction and you will not be able to pursue them.

ONE DAY, you will get a call that you can never decline.

ONE DAY, your name will be called, yet nobody will reply.

ONE DAY, the resources you loved most will be taken by someone else.

ONE DAY, your deed on Earth will be introduced to you like a Cd.

ONE DAY, a title will be added to your name “Late”

ONE DAY, The Incomparable Allocator will assign you to a suitable spot.

ONE DAY, that your delightful skin will go to its unique nature-sand/dust.

ONE DAY, your whole body will stop activity. The action word will change from he is a decent man to he was a decent man.

ONE DAY, you will be given a timeless loft, either Heaven or damnation.

ONE DAY, you can not hold nor type anything on this telephone any longer.

In Outline, take LIFE simple, Accomplish something beneficial, and run from EVIL. Find a sense of contentment with everybody, love your neighbor as yourself and recall that “that ONE DAY will most likely come when this review will be satisfied in your Life.”

If it’s not too much trouble, illuminate your Friends and family and individuals you wish to save from heck, to remind THEM about that ‘ONE DAY’

May God proceed to favor and guide us in order to be aware of tommorow..
Allahumma ami